Friday, January 6, 2012

The art of getting married



I LOVE this wedding picture, it's one of my favorites. Last year I got suckered into buying a canvas Groupon, so I blew this picture up on a canvas and gave it to Chris for our anniversary. When we moved into our home I couldn't wait to display it! The canvas is now hung in our living room. I was curious as how my kids would react to a "kissing picture". I didn't anticipate Braedon's (2) reaction at all. "Mom, you're falling when you get married?" Because of this picture my boys now associate falling and getting married. Braedon falls and asks Robbie to catch him, and BOOM they're married! We have a lot to teach them....

But I let them go on believing right now and don't correct them. They also don't realize that you get married only once. And almost daily they ask Chris to marry me. So Chris takes me in his arms, asks me to marry him, and dips and kisses me, and BOOM we're married all over again! I'm glad that our kids give the reminder that yes, marriage is a daily choice (not legally but emotionally). Today (and everyday) I choose to marry Chris, and while it's not always "wedded bliss", it's a ride I wouldn't share with anyone else.

In conclusion, if you see my boys at a wedding anytime soon, don't be surprised if they act a little disappointed when the bride doesn't fall....

Saturday, September 10, 2011


These past weeks have been a whirlwind for me (actually this whole year) and I'm determinded to make a "new house" resolution to blog more. Best change this year is our change in address :) Chris and I just moved into our first home and are super excited! I was laughing because my last blog was written 16 months ago and it was on moving as well...oh well, we bought the right house that God wanted us to have in His timing. Most of our life is still in boxes and some of it is still in our old place, but our laptop is unpacked (shocker) and our internet is up; no time like the present....

Here are some recent pics of all the kids with their Aunt Bella (my sister Michelle)

I like how Robbie is on the phone in the background....

That's it for now, time to arrange my furniture that just arrived today! Don't cry like Braedon, I'll post more soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

too much

Chris and I are currently househunting. We would LOVE to have a contract by April 30 and get the tax credit but........ We've already looked inside 11 houses, drove past half a dozen more and put 3 bids in. Tonight we put a bid in on my dreamhouse.....just not my dream price. We spend many of our few hours together looking and dreaming at houses. Below is the house I hope to call home.

The boys are keeping me very busy. Braedon has started climbing up stairs, and whatever he can get his hands on. He also will put ANYTHING in his mouth. Most of my days are spent chasing him around the house and getting him down from furniture and taking stuff out of his mouth. Glamorous I know. Robbie's talking so much more and learns at least 1 new word a day (today the word of the day was "sausage"). He also started translating Braedon's baby talk and according to him Brady's favorite phrase is "I want Papa".

P.S. I realize that this is all underlined but after spending 3 hours on the computer today trying to scan our contract I give up and will post it like this!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung?

Chris and I are both in agreement that snow is to be hated everyday except for Christmas. I know as a kid I had a different outlook on snow so I wasn't surprised when Robbie took a fascination to playing in the snow. These pictures were taken in early February during a massive snow storm.

Climbing up Mt. Roco

and sliding down Mt. Roco (it's not that big of a hill but it keeps the kids entertained)

Due to throwing snow in the face and cold fingers Sophia and Nik came inside early while Robbie made no plans to leave the snow.

Meanwhile Braedon was busy just being himself

But evidence that spring is around the corner? This picture was taken less than a month ago on my birthday. And yes I realize that Robbie's hat is a little on the snug side. That kid has one big head!

Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PJ's, Pluggies and Pictures

Life has been crazy. I haven't had time to blog. But here's some of the latest pictures of the kids (most of the time in their pj's, I'm not sure why).

It's very rare that all kids are looking at the camera much less "smiling"
Robbie refers to Sophia as "LaLa" (her middle name is Ella and Chris and I sometimes call her "Sophia Ella" or "Sissy Ella"). He also calls Braedon "Brady" which is soo cute!

We LOVE our pluggies (pacifiers)
I know the time is coming to cut Robbie off of pluggies but I'm dreading that day

This is typical Braedon, just being silly. He, like his brother, likes to fake cough and the reaction it produces for the people around him.

A sweet lady from church made Robbie (for his baby shower) this hat and gave him a summer outfit that had firetrucks on it. I wasn't sure when to pull out the hat for Robbie to play with but this day he discovered it by himself and wanted to do everything with it on.

PJ movie night! Nik was really excited over the premier of "Chuggington" the newest show on the Disney Channel about trains. So we had a pj party to watch it.

Happy March!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Flu!

It's been over a week and the stomach flu has been sweeping through our family. Chris and I got it first and boy was it brutal. A few days later Sophia and Braedon got sick. Luckily it's only a 24hour bug but this morning Nik got sick. Robbie's still holding on strong but I'm spending most of my time washing hands and blankets and separating the "clean" from the "unclean" ;) Sp this post is short but sweet and hopefully we will all be healthy again soon. Until then here's a pic of our only survivor of the flu......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So due to the fact that the costume party was such a hit I decided to check for Halloween costumes on clearance. I was thrilled when I found costumes for 75% off! I was at toys r us forever deciding which costumes to get. Unfortunately I also needed diapers so I had to limit the costumes to 2. I was really bummed out because I found a Transformer costume without a pricetag. I scanned it at a price check and it said $19.99 and was excited that it was on sale for $5.00. Then I found out that $19.99 was the CLEARANCE price and the costume originally cost $80.00!! Yikes! Anyway Nik loved his Obi Wan Kenobi costume (even though he can't pronounce it). It's a little big so he'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Robbie wasn't a fan of his costume or the camera

Trying to get a group shot

His true identity revealed

Check out his cute buckle "shoes"

This cracks me up because Robbie kept on chasing Nik around the house. It reminded me of one of Chris's favorite TV shows, Deadliest Warrior. It takes warriors of history, i.e. Apache Indians and Gladiators, studies their moves and enters them into some database that determines who would have won. All I could think of was an idea for their next episode "Jedi's vs Pirates".